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Why Webpack grew

Back in 2014, when Webpack was first released, the JavaScript ecosystem was quite different. Grunt and Gulp dominated the build tool scene, with advanced plugins that did many things, such as automating releases, or compiling things such as Sass…

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Cloudflare, a cloud provider, can help you cut your costs significantly while increasing performance

Everything revolves around the cloud in today's world, allowing applications to do things that could not be done on the client. However, doing this incurs many costs, and if done incorrectly, can significantly slow down your applications. A lot of these problems can be solved by changing cloud providers or services. While most companies use things such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), or GCP (Google Cloud Platform), a newer competitor, Cloudflare, has managed to make many technological advantages in cost and performance. In this article, we will look at various Cloudflare services and how they compare to different cloud providers.

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Cloudflare CDN: Edge CDN

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How JavaScript evolved to be what it is today.

Today, JavaScript is used everywhere. Everything from front-end websites to web servers to games use JavaScript for running their logic. But not everyone knows how it started, and how much it has changed since its beginning. Or how certain tools and libraries changed the path of its evolution.

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However, they come with a performance cost, due to the code needed to store components and render them. Luckily, you can minimize that cost by choosing a fast framework. In this article, we will look at a few of the fastest frameworks for JavaScript, and compare them on the benchmark krausest.github.io, …


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